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cafe i'm here

Are you looking for a place to chill and have fun with friends?  If you are then CAFE I’M HERE along Tomas Morato in Quezon City is an ideal place for you.  Enjoy their cool ambiance and motif which will surely satisfy your enthusiasm.  You can stay for as long as you want but order some food of course.

The Cafe I’m Here Ambiance

When you come to this place you will feel at home.  Each of their areas is a feeling of security and comfort.  You can choose to be at one of the secluded places, be at the table or be inside a tent.  Enjoy the company of friends while eating some pastries or drinking coffee and non-coffee beverages.  It is one of the few places and cafe where eating and consumption is not the main go too.

Service is very good.  All of the staff are very friendly.  I remembered that one time there was a bit of a problem and the manager immediately approached us and apologized.  They even brought some gift to compensate for what they call was an inconvenience.

Food at Cafe I’m Here

You can order their latte and other drinks but to tell you the truth, this place is more about the ambiance rather than the food.  You would say the pricing is a bit high and that is because you pay for the venue itself.  They do not set a time of how long you stay, of course, be sure to order something – be it the expensive or the minimum ones.

Food is also good.  Their pizza, sandwiches and other pastries are really good.  There is not much of a group meal choice since most of the servings are good only for one person.


  • Business Name:  Cafe I’m Here
  • Location: Third Floor, CTTM Square, Sacred Heart, Quezon City
  • Contact Details: +63 9173633529  |  +63 9055173517

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