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Submitted byEmmanuelle Patrick Altez

I’ll be sharing first our adventure in Dingalan Aurora and Baler last April. Traversing the place took us 4-5 hrs from Ortigas to Dingalan via van. If we are to estimate the expenses, per individual may spend 3-4k, that includes the van/driver rental fee, the lodging, foods and of course for souvenirs(pasalubongs).

Our itinerary was just DIY by the way and Dingalan Aurora was our first stop, we crossed the sea first via boat and then we did the trekking or some says it’s already a medium hiking on one of the hills there.


Our first target was to get to the summit to witness the breathtaking scenery. After we got mesmerized and took some photos and videos we then went to the other corner which is the Lighthouse, it’s a good place to take pictures as well albeit it’s not allowed to go inside. Then we traveled back to shore and went to Dingalan falls to bathe. The water was pure and cold, perfect for the summer season. Around 5PM, we then rode back on our van to go to Baler as there were no inns in Dingalan that we can stay too, not to mention that we already have reserved a lodging in Baler beforehand.😊

As I recall, we traveled from Dingalan to our lodging in Baler around 2-3hrs. When arrived at our lodging area, we rested for a bit before we went out for our dinner on some carinderias(eatery) available. The next day, we then prepared ourselves to go to Baler Beach. The beach is best for those who wanted to try out surfing as the waves are great and the water is not that high. After soaking ourselves to the beach we ate lunch around the area and went to some other places to kill time. Historical areas like Maria Aurora’s house, Baler museum were visited. The Baler park, the hanging bridge and the enormous Balete tree were not left out as well before we went back to Manila with our happy faces and fond memories.

Overall, we really enjoyed visiting the place as we have embraced and experienced one of God’s creations called nature.

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