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For more photos and details of our Vigan City, Ilocos Sur trip please check the following:



Time : 5:30 am

June 22, 2019 (Saturday)

We arrive at Vigan early in the morning via Cubao on a Viron Transit bus. COST: Php700

Early Exploration of City

Time : 6:00 am

Walking in Vigan

Despite many tricycles asking us to do a tour we refused because we want to see the city while walking. We traverse the city devoid of people because it is early morning


Time : 7:30 am

Panganan Ken Ihawan Toy Ciudad Vigan

We were hungry so we ride a tricycle and ask him to take us to a good Ilocano cuisine restaurant. This place was really good and affordable.

COST: Php150

Hotel Accommodation

Time : 8:30 am

Casa Rica Hotel

After eating, we decided to confirm our accommodation at Casa Rica Hotel. COST: Php3,400 for 2 days with breakfast.

Rest and More Food

Time : 9:30 am

Coffee Break Vigan

Since we cannot have an early check-in, we decided to explore the city again and rest. We tried local coffee and cafe and went to COFFEE BREAK VIGAN. COST: Php500


Time : 10:30 am

Crisologo Museum

After resting and eating, we then start our tour of the city and our first stop is CRISOLOGO MUSEUM. It is a very educational museum though it was hot inside the museum. COST: Php10


Time : 11:00 am

Padre Burgos House

We then walk around the city and decided to visit Padre Burgos House. This is a National Museum and you can see some old furniture and gadgets here.


Time : 11:30 am

Elpidio Quirino Museum

Right beside Padre Burgos house is the ELPIDIO QUIRINO MUSEUM. It was a former jail but this museum is a 3-in-1 museum. Check out the story of former President Elpidio Quirino, the Basi Trade and an Art Gallery.


Time : 12:30 pm


We decided to have lunch and try more Ilocano Cuisine. ABUELITA's seems to be a good place though there is lack of food choice here. COST: Php200

Exploring the Streets of Vigan

Time : 4:30 pm

Crisologo St.

We head back to explore more of the city and walk around the famous CRISOLOGO ST.

Local Delicacy - Empanada

Time : 5:30 pm

Nanang Sion's Vigan Empanada

Vigan will not be complete without an Empanada so we tried NANANG SION's VIGAN EMPANADA. COST: Php250

Night Life in Vigan

Time : 6:30 pm


It was now time for some bonding and drinking. We decided to try BARTECH along Crisologo St. since they have a live band performing and it was good. COST: Php600

Done for the Day

Time : 9:30 pm

Casa Rica Hotel

We are done for the day and went back to the hotel to rest and sleep.

Vigan City Tour - June 23, 2019 (Sunday)

Time : 9:30 am

Bantayan Bell Tower

We decided to do a City Tour on Tricycle and went to BANTAYAN BELL TOWER. It has a good view of the city. COST FOR TOUR: Php600

Vigan City Tour

Time : 10:00 am

RG Jar Factory

Our next stop is RJ JAR FACTORY and we explore pottery and even try it out. COST (Donation): Php20

Vigan City Tour

Time : 11:00 am

Baluarte Safari and Mini Zoo

We went to see the famous BALUARTE SAFARI AND MINI ZOO owned by Chavit Singson. COST (for Shuttle): Php50

Vigan City Tour

Time : 12:00 pm

Lunch: Hidden Garden

We were hungry so we decided to have lunch at HIDDEN GARDEN. COST: Php500

Vigan City Tour

Time : 1:30 pm

Playo De Oro Beach

We want to see the West Philippine Sea and the beach of Vigan City and the best way to do that is by going to Brgy. Mindoro for PLAYO DE ORO BEACH.


Time : 2:30 pm

Casa Rica Hotel

Time to rest :)


Time : 6:30 pm

1995 Studio Cafe Vigan

We woke up late due to exhaustion so we went out to eat dinner at 1995 STUDIO CAFE. We also bought some Rice Cakes and local coffee. It was raining at that time so we were not able to do much. COST: Php500

Day 2 Ends

Time : 8:30 pm

Casa Rica Hotel

Sleeping and rest time since it was raining hard outside

Day 3 - June 24, 2019 (Monday)

Time : 9:00 am

Calesa Ride

We decided to take another tour of Vigan via Calesa. COST: Php150 (up to 4 persons)


Time : 10:00 am

Syquia Mansion Museum

We went to the SYQUIA MANSION MUSEUM and explore the huge house of one of the famous citizens of Vigan. COST: Php50


Time : 11:00 am

Turo-turo sa Vigan

We decided to try food at the carinderia near the church. Tried Sinanglao and Dinakdakan. COST: Php150


Time : 12:00 pm

Dominion Bus Line

It's goodbye Vigan. We decided to take Dominion Bus instead of Viron because it's cheaper. COST: PHP580

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