MalCon 2018 – Malolos Toys and Hobbies Convention

MalCon 2018

Conventions are becoming a thing in the Philippines nowadays.  The latest convention to add up this year is the first ever Malolos Toys and Hobbies Convention (MalCon) 2018 happening on May 26-27 at the Malolos Convention Center.  It will include a spectacle of events including toy exhibits, Tamiya racing, card games, a cosplay competition and more.

Why MalCon 2018?

Malolos in the province of Bulacan is one of the most historical province in the Philippines.  It is the site of the first congress in the country and the birth place of many national heroes.  MalCon2018 was inspired by various conventions in our country. This was a vision and a brainchild of Malolos City Mayor Atty. Christian D. Natividad to gather Malolos-based and Bulacan-based toy enthusiasts and hobbyists, making it the very first attempt to mount a big project like this.

The event aims to create a yearly convention of toy enthusiasts and hobbyists coming from all over the country especially Central Luzon and Metro Manila.  Every year MalCon 2018 hopes to showcase toys, model kits, action figures, diecast collections, remote control racing cars, M4WD, cosplayers, anime bands, and other related enthusiasts and hobbyists for the benefit of the public as the event’s primary audience.

It is evidently a move to make the City of Malolos as the pioneering and leading toys and hobbies organizer for the first-ever toy convention in Bulacan.  Also, in a  way to establish a platform to showcase the toy enthusiasts’ interest and encourage the youth to participate in recreational activities such as this to enhance their talents and imagination, creating a support group in the community as well as to keep them away from vices, drugs and other harsh elements in the society.

MalCon 2018 Events


Malolos Toys and Hobbies Convention (MalCon) 2018 aims to bring pop culture enthusiasts and collectors to the event through various activities which include:

  • Bring Your Best Gundam
  • Workshops
  • Auction
  • Playstation Free Games
  • RC Race Exhibition
  • Strider Racing
  • Magic The Gathering Tournament
  • Music Fest
  • Voice and Cosplay Superstar
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game
  • Voltez V Pop Quiz
  • Tamiya Malcon Cup

The official venue of the MalCon 2018 is the Malolos Sports and Convention Center (MSCC), an eight-year-old structure managed by the City Government of Malolos. It has a seating capacity of 5,000. The infrastructure became the venue of local and national events notably the Pinoy Big Brother – Teen Edition Big Night (2012), Rakpublika (2018), Republika Run (2018), among others.

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