Philippines Travel Bucket List

I am browsing Facebook when I saw the Philippines Travel Bucket List posted by a known traveler and historian Ivan Henares. I have to agree with his list and would like to share it with every one of you.

Thanks to Ivan for sharing this list on his Facebook page which is posted publicly, so we hope this is permitted.

Ivan’s Philippines Travel Bucket List is originally posted in his Facebook account here.

To emphasize the list, however, we are also posting the image of the bucket list. Let me check where we had been so far.

Where had we been so far in this Philippines Travel Bucket List?

Here is a list of where I had been so far based on his bucket list. What about you?

NATURAL (0/30)


  1. Vigan (Ilocos Sur)
  2. Barasoain/Malolos (Bulacan)
  3. Intamuros (Manila)
  4. Escolta/Bindondo (Manila)
  5. San Sebastian/Quiapo (Manila)
  6. National Museum (Manila)
  7. Rizal Park (Manila)
  8. Binan (Laguna)
  9. Sariaya (Quezon)
  10. Silay (Negros Occidental)



  1. Chinese New Year (Manila)
  2. Panagbenga (Baguio City)
  3. Pulilan Carabao Festival (Bulacan)


  1. Baguio City
  2. Tagaytay City
  3. Cagayan de Oro
  4. Clark Free Port
  5. Subic Free Port
  6. Davao City
  7. General Santos City

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